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"I got invited to join the Producers Handy Dandy website! Woohoo! I could not have done it with out the two of you! Thanks for all your help."
—Leigh Brooks  Actor VO Artist

"I got the cd in the mail today...looks really cool—I like it. Everything sounds really good."
—Patricia Hurley

"Thank you so much. Great feedback from friends."
—Carolyn Bell  VO Artist

“Love the logo and the concentric 'water ring' effect."
—Lew Lipnick  musician, National Symphony Orchestra

"The flyers arrived in a timely manner, and look great—thanks for being on top of this!"
Donn Murphy, National Theatre, D.C.

"I finally got a chance to listen to the tracks and they sound great! I love 'em."
—Jessica Duncan

“Looks fab.”
—Michael Gabel

"Awesome stuff! Lately, I seem to make very sound business decisions. I certainly made the right choice in you. Thank you so very much."
—Peter Hundley

"You were right...I actually love both the changes! Looking forward to receiving the cd designs."
—Evelyn Kasongo  Planner, Washington, DC

“I’m so happy with the website — I’m getting great feedback on it. And thanks so much for your patience with the never-ending details.”
—Diane Ligon  puppeteer

"The website looks fantastic! I love it! Can't wait to share it with everyone..."
—Kim Tuvin  Actress/Print

Feedback for the "Paper To Sound Wave" Workshop at the D.C. Actors' Center:

"He was prepared and always had something to teach about the entire session."

"He has good inside tips, and resources, without being too technical."

"I wanted to thank you for taking the time and offering your experiences to us at the Actors' Center workshop. I myself learned a lot and had several points clarified. The demonstration of how wires connect and equipment is set up in a home studio was especially helpful and thank you so very much for talking about some of the negative points of the profession. These are not often covered and, as you indicated, before you spend lots of money on getting everything set up, you should consider seriously if this is really something for you."


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